Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LAMBcast #255: Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective

After a two week absence, I returned to my co-hosting duties on the LAMBcast for the latest director retrospective. I personally feel like I made up for my time away, as the director in question was Paul Thomas Anderson. That's right - we covered his complete body of work, which includes a lot of looooooong films.


Jay and I were joined by Lindsay, Courtney, and LAMBcast newbie Brendan Cassidy from So sit back and enjoy two hours of us talking about PTA.


  • Here's a link to that piece on Punch Drunk Love over at And So It Begins we talked about. Great stuff by ASIB'S Alex. 
  • I enjoyed our descent into "I drink your milkshake!" and "Bastard in a basket!" quote territory. Here's the milkshake scene in case you wanna watch.
  • I'm glad someone made this a reality because it's all I could think about whenever we talked about the "window to the wall" scene from The Master. This works surprisingly well. THIS IS NSFW.

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  1. Great discussion! Thanks so much for the shout out man. Those damn plunger lens flares... can't beat 'em.