Friday, November 21, 2014

LAMBcast #245: Interstellar

Interstellar spoilers follow!


You've seen the movie. Now listen to the podcast. Jay and I were joined by Stevee, past shepherd Joel, and newcomer Terrence from the Focused Filmographer. The episode's embedded below followed by some listening notes.

  • "Something in both of your eyes," is a reference to Superbad.
  • Joel mentioned he was interested in Dr. Mann's story pre-Interstellar. Wish granted (via the A.V. Club).
  • Question - Are we to assume Chastain’s character married Topher Grace’s character?
  • ♫Jay and Robert talk fem-in-is-m!♫
  • It looks like Jay was right about The Yankees just playing an away game in Colorado (still assuming they're in Colorado...I suppose it's possible that they were in a neighboring state...they did drive for a while before they found NORAD/NASA, after all). Why I don't REALLY think about a question before I ask it is beyond me.
  • Here's that article about the Universal Monsters franchise that inspired my rant.
  • The L.L.S. soundbytes have survived to become a regular thing. I think I mentioned on the last episode that this was my plan all along, and I wasn't kidding. Jay needs to do some, though! What other fun L.L.S things could our dear leader say?

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