Wednesday, September 17, 2014

LAMBcast #235: Flash Gordon!

"Tell me more about this man 'Houdini'..."

Coloured Movies

MOTM Champion DJ Valentine, JD Duran (I managed to not confuse their names), Will Slater, and Bubbawheat joined me for a ridiculous, raucous discussion about the 1980 sci-fi classic Flash Gordon (aaaaAAAH!). We had a blast. Listen to the episode and read some highlights below!

Main Topic
  • I love DJ's line about Flash being the original fantasy football player.
  • Will mentioned Brian Blessed does commercials and stuff in the UK. I think this is a commercial for Hellmann's mayonnaise. Blessed talks about making sandwiches and eating frozen mayonnaise.


Rants and Raves
  • Here are the opening credits to Barb Wire, which stunned Will and bored Bubba (NSFW/#Nipples):

  • Jay relegated my The Lost World rant to the end of the show but I haven't taken a rocket ship through the chest so he can't hate me completely. Here's that list of his I mentioned, where he points out some of the film's low points as well, including the T-Rex boat mystery/plothole.
  • Watch closely eight seconds in. See??!!

  • Finally, Jay obviously wasn't on the episode (except to pop in to banish my rant to the Phantom Zone) but kudos to him and his editing skills for making this fun episode even better with the Queen soundtrack inserts and the mega dose of outtakes at the end. Expect Jay and I to finally reunite on the next episode!



  1. So after watching the Barb Wire opening for yourself, what's your opinion on it?

  2. I think I'm somewhere in between you and Will. I was definitely a bit stunned (I didn't think there was actually any nudity...never seen it before) but it is pretty ridiculous (I love how she's just on a swing suddenly at one point). Maybe I'll have to give the whole thing a watch. Ya know...for research.