Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LAMBcast #230: Movie of the Month: Ghost World

Jess, The Vern, Bubbawheat and newcomer Elwood from From The Depths of DVD Hell joined me for a discussion about Ghost World, the LAMB's Movie of the Month. Listen/read!

  • I'm gonna call Bubbawhat "Bub" from now on. I think he'll appreciate the Wolverine reference and it's much easier for me to say.
  • We touched on Thora Birch (no pun intended) a bit and I mentioned a Cracked article about her weirdo dad essentially destroying her career. You can check that out here.
  • Behold, the trailer that made Elwood cry!

  • Here's Jason Soto's account of the LAMB viewing of The Room from the official meetup a few weeks back.


  1. Was a lot of fun making my LAMBcast debut especially as I now have a whole bunch of new ways of looking at Ghost World. I really do love The Mad Max trailer, especially as it still holds that same thrill even after multiple viewings trying to examine each shot to try and find clues about what to expect when it finally gets released. Hopefully we can do a franchise look back closer to the release, if only to encourage more people to check out the classic trilogy.

    Thanks again for making it such a fun debut :)

    1. We loved having you, Elwood! Can't wait to talk to you again Sunday. I would totally be up for a Mad Max Franchise Look Back!