Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Scene Friday! E.T.: "He's alive!"

E.T., the 1982 movie about a boy and his alien, is classic early Spielberg. It's been reconfigured, ripped off, and emulated over the years, but it's still the one and only. One of my favorite tidbits about E.T. is that it complements Poltergeist, another classic Spielberg flick. "Poltergeist is what I fear and E.T. is what I love," Spielberg is quoted as saying. “One is about suburban evil, and the other is about suburban good". But even though E.T. is one side of a larger coin for Spielberg, it still stands on its own.

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This week's scene focuses on a bit towards the end of the film, when Elliot (Henry Thomas) believes his alien buddy to be dead. Spoiler alert - it's pretty sad. "He must be dead...'cause I don't know how to feel. I can't feel anything anymore." HOLY SHIT, ELLIOT. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

No sooner does Elliot close the lid to E.T.'s icebox/coffin than some nearby dead flowers perk back up, and Elliot realizes that his friend may still be alive. He opens the glowing box and, sure enough, E.T. is ALIVE and he's very quick to remind Elliott that he phoned his alien pals for help. Elliot's reaction is one of pure, unfiltered joy and excitement. Just try not to get goosebumps as Elliot yells for joy and that John Williams score cranks up.

Robert MacNaughton as Elliot's big brother Michael is an unsung hero of the film if you ask me. One of my favorite parts of this scene is his reaction to Elliot's good news towards the end and the resulting head bump. Hey if you want more Spielberg, tune into French Toast Sunday. They're spotlighting The Beard throughout the entire month of July!

French Toast Sunday
What's your favorite scene from E.T.?

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