Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obsessive Cinematic Disorder: Watchmen is Five Years Old

Watchmen came out five years ago today. It’s funny because there’s been quite a bit of chatter over the last few weeks about the flick (Terry Gilliam could have made is soooo much better!/No he couldn’t, Zack Snyder rulz!) but no one's really pointing out that the film is turning five years old.


For me, Watchmen is sort of special, in more ways than one. I moved to Jacksonville, FL in late 2008, so I can pretty vividly remember seeing Watchmen in the theater - it was one of the first “big” movies I saw after moving. Does anyone else mark life events by films?

Watchmen is also special because of how the film's director - Zack Snyder - is factoring into modern pop culture. Like him or not, he’s been entrusted with some of our biggest blockbusters. He has an undeniably spotty record - for me, I’d break his films down like this: Good: Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, 300, Meh: Man of Steel Bad: Sucker Punch (although it's almost Meh), Legend of the Guardians (I’m assuming? I haven’t seen it but it’s 50% on Rotten Tomatoes) - but I know Batman vs. Superman has a chance to turn out amazing because of Watchmen.

Ken Taylor Poster via Collider

So Watchmen, a film that will probably never (rightfully so) get a sequel (but may get some prequels?) is five - celebrate with me by sharing what you love about the film in the comments below.

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