Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Scene Friday! True Detective: The Locked Room

Are you watching True Detective? Do you love it?

Mondo via Geek Tyrant and Hypable

I can’t think of a single show that has captivated audiences as quickly as True Detective has. Only five episodes have aired and already there are parodies, fan sites, and many, many articles dissecting the show. The President has requested advance copies of it!

We don’t feature many TV scenes for FSF. In fact, I’ve only done two of them and one was dedicated to Breaking Bad, a show that was on for five seasons, not five hours. In short, for a TV show to affect me enough to get the Favorite Scene Friday treatment is a big deal.

You may think I’m featuring this scene because of the creepy ass ending (but damn is that guy disturbing - were they trying to model him after this?). But that’s really just a bonus. No, I’m featuring this scene because of Mr. Matthew McConaughey and his character, Detective Rustin Cohle. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've been privy to Mr. McConaughey's career resurgence, and True Detective is a huge part of that phenomenon. He breathes life into this character like few others could. Just give him the Emmy now.

The true highlight of this scene is at 2:23. Detective Cohle has been explaining his investigation of a grisly murder to two present day detectives investigating a similar case. He stops to make some observations about life in a way that only he can. First and foremost, True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto has crafted some incredible dialogue here, but it's really McConaughey's delivery that brings the haunting speech to life. I absolutely love the way he says "dream". Gets me every time. Also, I like the idea that the mind is a locked room, a room that no one will ever get into but you. Hence, no one can ever truly know you. At least, that's what I think that means.

Suffice to say, this scene is NSFW and pretty disturbing. Also, you can stop it at 3:30 - the rest of the clip is just the closing credits. But that music is creep as hell too! Enjoy!

P.S. Is this show getting to anyone like me? I'm starting to have weird dreams about it and its peculiar literary references to Robert W. Chambers' work. I'll elaborate in the comments if anyone would like to be disturbed.


  1. Um, Jess and Nick and I were freaking out about TD the other day. but after reading that i09 article I was all HOLY FUCKING SHIT about it.

    Do you have a current theory as to where you think the case might be going?

    1. Linds - Yeah that i09 article is a great piece. I'm glad someone caught those references. I've read a little HP Lovecraft so when I heard about that sort of stuff being referenced on the show I was impressed.

      As far as who the killer is - it seems like the show wants us to believe that it's one of the detectives, which I don't buy. I think it's a character we've already met, or at least, they're a part of it (I do think it's a group or cult or something). There are some interesting theories in this article ( What do you think is going to happen?

      Either way, I'm pumped to find out what happens. I haven't seen tonight's episode, the EH Team watches the episodes on Monday nights since we have a longstanding appointment with The Walking Dead every Sunday at 9:00. Thanks for reading!

  2. This show is so mind blowing and Matt gives his best work there, I'm so glad the show is airing now - it fills the void Game of Thrones leaves each year.

    That was such a great scene, they really make whole lot of things really disturbing here, Twin Peaks-style.

    1. Sati - Yeah MM does stellar work here. I've only seen a fraction of the McConaissance films but if it's anything like what he's doing here it's amazing work. I actually don't watch Game of Thrones. Actually, The Walking Dead and True Detective air at the same time so it's a huge conflict for me! :(

      I haven't seen a lot of Twin Peaks (although I have seen Fire Walk with Me) but I totally get the connection. Creepy shit. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!