Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Peek Through the Hatch: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Time for a peek at X-Men: Days of Future Past. My excitement level for this flick is pretty high. I enjoyed both of Bryan Singer’s X films and First Class was pretty awesome, if lacking in execution. This new film combines the casts of Singer’s films and First Class, so it seems like a formula for excellence. The fact that Singer is at the helm after his absence from Last Stand (how god awful was that?) and First Class is great in my book. I enjoyed The Wolverine and the fact that Hugh Jackman looks to have such a big role in this film is awesome. In general it's kind of cool that all these actors from the Singer films are back. I never even imagined that all these familiar faces would return in this rebooted First Class universe. I’m hoping for a lot of Jackman/Fassbender/McAvoy scenes. What do you guys think?

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