Friday, September 20, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday! GoldenEye: The Dam Dive

I recently threw my back out. And no, I’m not 90. Long story short, I hurt it years ago (in the ancient time known as college) and it acts up every now and then. Anyhoo, this was a pretty bad incident and I was essentially in bed for a week. I had a lot of time to watch movies as lying down seemed to be the only thing I could do. One of the movies I rewatched was GoldenEye.


GoldenEye is probably my favorite Bond film, even now that Daniel Craig’s excellent trilogy exists. Great Bond in the form of Pierce Brosnan (sadly none of his other 007 films were as good as this one...surfing on a CGI tidal wave, anyone?), great plot, great bad guys, and Izabella Scorupco as a GREAT Bond girl.


Right off the bat the movie starts with an amazing stunt. According to IMDb, this scene features the highest bungee jump from a structure in a film, which I totally believe. And how 'bout that scenery? That plane roars into view and as the camera pans up to follow it we're treated to our first glimpse of...the dam. Kind of gorgeous in a way. And truly cinematic.

The whole scene is amazing but it’s also quiet and intense. Who doesn't hold their breath when Brosnan (well, not really Brosnan...actually I'm not sure if he's really in this scene at all...we don't really get a good look at his face) swan dives off that dam? It’s just an incredible way to start a film and text book Bond.

By the by, honorary EH Team member CT (he of the Nerd Lunch Blog and Podcast) along with Aaron Nix from Movie Hodge Podge, recently launched a Bond podcast called the “Pod, James Pod” Podcast. Their first episode is all about GoldenEye (and chewing gum). Give it a listen.


  1. A stunning opening sequence... but I still prefer the game!

    1. Ha! Yeah the game was the shit. I loved that cheat that made everyone's heads big.

  2. Highest bungee jump from a structure on film?! I never knew that. Love this scene, and I LOVE this damn movie. GoldenEye rocks, and Pete's right, that N64 game was tops as well.

    1. Alex - Glad you love it too. It's probably one of my favorite movies actually. I'm glad the Craig films have been good for the most part because the rest of Brosnan's flicks kind of stunk. :(