Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday! The 'Burbs: "Take me to a hospital!"

Way back in 1989 director Joe Dante and Tom Hanks brought us a glimpse of suburban life with The ‘Burbs. The flick tells the story of Ray Peterson (Hanks), your average suburbanite except for one thing - he’s dealing with The Klopeks, his potentially murderous neighbors. At the very least, they’re very eccentric.


I enjoy The ‘Burbs, but, I might be biased. I like anything featuring Hanks and I’m a sucker for horror comedies. But, yeah, Hanks. For some reason his shit storm freak out session in today’s scene really makes me laugh. This bit takes place at the end of the film, after Ray has broken into the Klopeks’ home to investigate it. In the process, Ray (spoiler alert) blows up the house...with him in it.

Most of Ray's rage is directed at his neighbor Art (Rick Ducommun) and a highlight of the scene is Ray’s reaction after Art finally responds to him (Hanks' comic timing is excellent). And when Ray hurls the stretcher into the ambulance after the paramedics don’t load him into it is priceless (as is how he adjusts himself when he’s lying inside the ambulance). And, hey, Carrie Fisher!

Enjoy the scene, lunatics! And watch out for your neighbors...

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  1. "There goes the gawd damn brownies..."
    -Queenies Dump