Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday! Arrested Development: "Speech! Speech! Speech!"

It's almost here! The 4th Season of Arrested Development premieres on Netflix THIS Sunday! Who ever thought this day would actually come?

This week's scene is incredibly brief (and not even complete - head to the video's YouTube page to read some angry comments about that) but it's appropriate because it's my first real memory of Arrested Development. It was my wild and crazy college days. Some friends and I had gotten together to hang out (I got a keg for the first time!) and my buddy had Arrested Development on in the background. This scene played out and I remember asking my friend "Why are they doing that?" I guess I thought it was an inside joke or something.

This scene really showcases two of the show's strong points - its cast and its absurd comedy. The whole family - and Carl "You Got a Stew Going" Weathers! - is cheering for someone to give a speech. They don't know who, however - they didn't think that far ahead.

Since this week's scene is so brief, I've included a super cut of 18 running gags on the show, courtesy of Slacktory. Also, to get you even more pumped, the excellent Season 4 trailer is included below.

I hope you enjoy the new season! And if you're in Jax on Sunday, make sure to stop by Sun-Ray Cinema to catch the new episodes on a big screen! First episode starts at 12:30 p.m.

Arrested Development Super Cut

Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer


  1. Sunday cannot come soon enough.

    1. Sir Phobos - What did you think of the season?

  2. Nice! That supercut has got me in the mood for more! Just got to get Netflix now!

    1. Pete - There are a crazy amount of running gags in the show. I take it you got Netflix?