Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Video Monday! Alabama Shakes: “Hold On”

Let’s kick this week off right.

Alabama Shakes' Website
Alabama Shakes is a relatively new band (they’re up for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards on Sunday). Their tune “Hold On” jams right into your head and stays there. It’s an intense song, thanks in no small part to lead singer Brittany Howard (who - in this video, at least - might be mistaken for a high school biology teacher instead of a rock star).

If you’re looking for a band that’s a little different from everything clogging up the radio these days, look no further. The group comes from humble beginnings, their sound is wonderfully old school, and, as you'll see, the video for "Hold On" is just the band performing the song.

If you need a bluesy, soulful start to your week, you’re cleared for takeoff. As always, Happy Monday! And if Friday seems too far off, heed Ms. Howard's advice.

P.S. “Hold On” is also nominated for a Best Rock Performance Grammy. Maybe I’ll finally watch the show this year!

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