Friday, February 8, 2013

Favourite Scene Friday! Fight Club: A Very Strange Time

It's Friday and we're taking the day off! We've handed the Favorite Favourite Scene Friday reigns over to Pete from I Love That Film

Forget the other crap you've heard about Pete - he's a good guy. He's a friend to The EH Team and we've mentioned him here on the blog before. He writes reviews for Filmoria and Static Mass Emporium. He's also a lecturer and he's getting a PhD in Found Footage (Identification, Self-Consciousness and Proof in the ‘First-Person’ Contemporary Horror Film). Pete loves films on twitter too - @ilovethatfilm.

I Love That Film

It’s Friday which means hopefully you don’t have to think about your mind-numbing, spirit crushing day job for two whole days. Spare a thought for the protagonist of our favourite scene this week. ‘Jack’ (Edward Norton), the actually never named narrator of Fight Club is an insomniac who is your typical office drone. Day in and day out, he dreams of another life, a life where he can basically be a bad boy, the buffed up and brutal Brad Pitt.

If you haven’t seen Fight Club, do yourself a favour and go and watch it now. And also do not read anymore or watch the clip below as today’s favourite scene is the final moments of the film. Jack has realised that his insomnia has got the best of him and his mind has created an alter-ego, the magnificently charismatic and deviant Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and has also learnt that he is basically the leader of a cult. What started out as a bare knuckle underground boxing club has turned into a full on terrorist organisation intent on bringing down Western civilisation by attacking capitalism.

In this scene, Jack has killed off Tyler but it is too late. His ‘space monkey’ followers have wrapped the foundations of major credit card company skyscrapers with explosives with the intention of erasing the debt record. Not only this but they have also kidnapped a girl he has realised he has treated despicably, Helena Bonham Carter’s wonderful Marla Singer.

As The Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind?’ starts up on the soundtrack, the audience realises that the bonkers Marla Singer has suddenly become the sanest character of the film. The drums kick in as the buildings begin to explode outside the skyscraper windows.  Jack says 'Everything's gonna be fine,’ and reaches for Marla’s hand, delivering one hell of an understatement; ‘You met me at a very strange time in my life.’

It is a perfect ending, juxtaposing a tender romantic moment with extreme explosive violence. Unfortunately the clip below has the subliminal single frame of a penis removed that reminds the audience as the credits roll; Tyler’s still out there and he’s still intent on mischief and mayhem.


  1. Wow thanks for all the links and for posting this Robert and all at The Hatch! Bit worried about the 'forget the other crap you've heard about Pete bit'. What have you heard about me??? I think I'm a good guy! Thanks again for letting me into the hatch!

    1. Our pleasure! Love your blog and this scene (and the whole movie) is awesome! The film is definitely a classic filled with tons of great scenes.

      About the subliminal penis shot - I love the uploader's comments on the YouTube video:

      "*** Seriously people, if I included the penis this would be flagged and torn down in days if not hours, if you want a picture of a penis email me and I will send you a photo of your mom's ***"


      P.S. About those rumors about you - something about starting something call "Project Mayhem"? I'm sure it's nothing.

  2. The Jack vs Jack scene is my absolute favourite scene, but this does come pretty close. The balls (pun intended) of Fincher to put that penis shot- mindblown. And then I always think of Fight Club as a love story, so Marla + Narrator are awesome.

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