Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday! Young Guns: Billy and the Bounty Hunter

Happy Friday, everybody! Doing the FSF honors for us this week and kicking off your weekend with a bang is Pax from Cavalcade of Awesome!

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When Robert asked me to do this, it took me a while to decide what movie scene I wanted to talk about. CT went ahead and picked Back to the Future. Which is unfortunate because anyone that has read my blog knows that Back to the Future is kinda my thing. So I now have to pick something else (thanks, CT).

I went back and forth. Do I pick the opening scene in the Titty Twister in Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn? No. Do I pick the restaurant scene in The Shadow between Lamont Cranston and Shiwan Khan?  No, still not right. Then it hits me. 

Young f**king Guns

I'm a huge fan of both Young Guns movies.  I'm also a huge fan of the mythology of Billy the Kid. I've talked extensively about both on my blog during my semi-regular Billy the Kid Weeks. And I know the exact scene I want to pick, it's right in the middle of the first movie.  Billy and the boys have stopped in a bar while Charlie visits a hooker and Billy hears a boastful bounty hunter talk about how he's going to kill Billy the Kid.

Here's the scene.

I love that after the guy hands the gun over to Billy, he says "...that gun there killed Ed Rollins," and Billy looks over to Doc and the boys and whispers, "Bullsh*t!" And check out the look on Billy's face just as he's about to shoot the guy. Calm, cool and collected. All kinds of awesome, my friends.

There is no other scene in the movie that more succinctly sums up Emilio Estevez's portrayal of Billy than this one scene. I'm almost sad the clip cuts off before he asks Doc, "Doc, how many does that make? 25?" Doc replies, "Five." Billy answers, "Let's make it ten. How that be?"

Both of the Young Guns movies are fantastic and I try to watch them as often as possible. 

This may be cheating, but if I had to pick out one other scene that personifies the Young Guns Billy the Kid, it would be Billy's escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse in the sequel. The infamous "Best dollar eighty I ever spent," scene.

I tell you what, reliving these scenes makes me want to watch the movies again.


  1. I gotta admit, I only remember bits and pieces of these movie from years ago. Looks like it would be worth watching them again!

    Thanks again for sharing a favorite scene!

  2. Does anyone know where to find the amazing soundtrack to Young Guns 1!?!?!

    I have only found it "", and it seems like its not all of the soundtrack, and it's only for streaming Hope someone can help

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