Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite Scene Friday: The Texas Franklin Massacre

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Escape Artists!!!  

In honor of the release of the latest installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, Texas Chainsaw 3D (yes, I will be watching it in full, bloody 3D action), today’s Favorite Scene Friday comes to us courtesy of the original 1974 classic.  It’s nothing scary, so if you’re not into the horror thing, you have no reason to stop reading/watching.  It’s actually quite hilarious and I had to hold a hand over my mouth to keep from attracting any of my office co-workers into an unwork-related investigation.  

Though it has nothing to do with the movie, the scene (which is more of a compilation of scenes) begins with a bit of the god awful Jaws’ Revenge . . . I still can’t believe studio exec’s signed off on a roaring shark . . . I mean, why?  Anyway, what the bit is leading us up to is the “Worst Horror Characters Top 5” and included in that list is none other than wheelchair-bound pessimist, Franklin Hardesty.  The character is awful, which is sad, because you never want to admit that a person in a wheelchair is an awful person, but Franklin is, and when he dies in the movie (not a spoiler, every audience member in the history of the viewing of this movie breathes a sigh of relief once it’s all been said and done) it is glorious, as you’ll soon find out.  In all honesty, comedy aside, Franklin’s death is my favorite part of the original.  It scared the shit out of me when I was a kid and it’s still pretty freaky to this day (to understand my meaning, watch the actual movie and not just this scene).  Rest assured though, there is nothing freaky about this scene (which includes his death) except for the things Franklin does with his arms and tongue.  Absolutely hideous it is.  Enjoy the scene folks and if you’re watching at work, keep the volume down kinda low just in case the boss wants in on the joke.  Have an Awesome Year and keep Escaping!

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  1. Go on Leatherface! Good riddance to the silly spitting slob!