Friday, December 7, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday: The Greatest TV Comedy in the History of Laughs

You may recall my last FSF was filled with clips from the outrageously hilarious TV comedy, Community.  This week I’ve decided to continue on that war path and treat you to one of my other favorite TV comedies, Seinfeld.  Now I realize anyone who’s ever watched Seinfeld has probably seen these scenes numerous times over, but I like them and since we’re in the midst of the season of giving, I thought I’d give ‘em to you again.  Sorry, no returns and no refunds.  What you’ll find here are five of the funniest scenes from the nine-season series.  I was going to choose only four, one from each main character, but honestly I think Jerry Seinfeld himself gets far too much attention in contrast to the other three players, so I’ve given you two scenes via George (Jason Alexander – or more notably Larry David’s psyche), Kramer (Michael Richards – Hey, did you hear he has a new show coming out?), Elaine (the lovely Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who like a fine wine, only gets prettier with age), and good ‘ol Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller playing George’s dad – this one is arguably my favorite scene from the entire series).

There isn’t much buildup necessary before watching the scenes, so don’t fret about not knowing what’s going on, it was a show about nothing so the main plot points are pretty much moot anyway.  I will say, though, that you’ll undoubtedly notice two of these scenes are nothing more than stories told by George and Kramer, respectively.  Every time I watch these scenes, I picture the four actors, the writers and directors sitting around bullshitting with each other like you would with your friends on any Tuesday night of the week.  The actors are clearly having a great time and a lot of fun and who doesn’t love a good story?  These two scenes knock the comedy out of the park by all means necessary.  Also, an interesting tid-bit of information can be found in the first scene here:  Eric the Clown is none other than Hollywood Actor/Director, Jon Favreau (PCU, Swingers, Daredevil, Iron Man 1 & 2 & 3)  . . . pretty cool, huh?  Anyway, enjoy your weekend and Happy Christmas!

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