Friday, December 14, 2012

Batch o’ Hatch: A Shit Ton of Awesome Trailers, Escapism at The Green Dragon Pub, and New Logo!!!

A Shit Ton of Awesome Trailers

We got an awesome amount of new trailers over the past week or so, guys. Star Trek Into Darkness, The Lone Ranger, Man of Steel, and OHMYGODPACIFICRIM!!!! Forget all those other trailers, just watch this one! It’s got everything - Idris Elba, ninja shit, giant monsters, giant robots, ROCKET PUNCH!

What do you think of the trailer for Pacific Rim?

Escapism: The Green Dragon Pub

So Niki over at recently highlighted this awesome bar in Hobbiton, New Zealand. Yes, you can drink some brew in a magical Hobbit village and don’t you dare pretend you wouldn’t want to.

Who’s buying the first round?

New Logo!!!

You may have noticed our spiffy new logo above, courtesy of Mr. Bill Wiist. Gandalf himself dropped by to mark the occasion. Special thanks to CT from Nerd Lunch for referring us to Bill.

Do you like our new logo? :) Do you hate it? :(


I agree, Pax.

@TarsTarkasnet, engaged in some #RightQuoteWrongFilm.

Pete from I Love That Film, summing up how I initially felt about the Man of Steel trailer.

Dan does nothing to assuage my fears about 48 FPS.

Thanks for reading! And now, it's question time again...

The $64,000 Question

 Click the pic and have a Happy Hobbit Weekend!


  1. Hey! My tweets actually have meaning. Thanks man!

    1. Dan - I wouldn't go that far. ;)

      p.s. Saw The Hobbit in 48 FPS. It took some getting used to. I think it has some potential though.

  2. Oh dear I'm going to be known as one of those people that considers 'meh' to be fair and considered criticism. I'm just not convinced yet! Good luck erasing memories of The Dark Knight trilogy from my head!

    1. Pete - You didn't like The Dark Knight trilogy??

      The trailer looked very "meh" to me as well, but it's grown on me.

  3. No no no that came out wrong. I don't really like comic book movies and superheroes but The Dark Knight trilogy are absolutely brilliant. I can't see myself ever liking a comic book movie as much again!

    1. Pete - I was wondering if that's what you meant. Phew. I'll call off the death squad.

      Hopefully with Nolan producing we'll get a little of The Dark Knight magic?

  4. Pacific Rim will be the best giant robots fighting giant monsters will set the new standard.

    1. Markus - All other giant robots fighting giant monsters movies will be put to SHAME. Trying to think of one...

  5. It is nice that I can read these messages.