Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Video Monday!: I'd Rather Die Than To Be With You

Sometimes certain bands are just too damn cool and today's band Phantogram exudes the ultimate coolness. Hailing from New York, the duo (Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter) play what I would classify as dream-beat or electro pop. They sound a bit like Beach House, but with a little more of a street sound. I'm not usually a big electro pop fan, however there's just something about Barthel's voice. She pulls me in and doesn't let go until I'm bobbing my head.

Today's selections, "When I'm Small" and "As Far As I Can See", both come from their debut album Eyelid Movies. I hope you enjoy and fellas if you're not into this kind of music, turn the volume down and just take in the beautiful Ms. Barthel. Have a great Monday, it's a short week, and remember to keep living your soundtrack out loud. 



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