Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Batch o’ Hatch: Halloween Withdrawals and Dr. Dog at Freebird Live

Halloween Withdrawals

I don’t know about anyone else, but the Post Halloween Blues hit me hard this year. So many horror movies I didn’t get to. So many posts I could have written. The worst is catching up on TV and seeing the Halloween episodes I misse - ModernFamilyhilariousHalloweenepisodeturnitoff!!!

In particular I wanted to watch Basket Case and Saturday the 14th (sorry Pat). I also wanted to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with the gang. I watched that on my own and it was nuts. Dennis Hopper - the good guy, mind you - just runs around screaming shit and chainsawing stuff for like, twenty minutes straight.

 Yes, that's the actual poster and yes, it's a parody of The Breakfast Club poster.

Are you having Halloween withdrawals? Any movies you didn’t get to this year?

Dr. Dog at Freebird Live

T, Pat, Nick, and myself are catching Dr. Dog at Freebird Live tonight. Between the four of us, this will make 13 times that we’ve seen the boys in concert (hell, this will mark the third time T has seen them this year). I saw them in Atlanta last and I’m looking forward to catching them out at Freebird again.

Anyone a fan of Dr. Dog? Anyone checking them out tonight?


Lebowski Fest Chicago is this weekend! In the off chance that we have any readers attending the Fest, do share some photos!

Lebowski Fest


For my favorite horror scene back in October, I talked about how Jeepers Creepers is made creepier by the fact that I grew up close to where they filmed it. I asked Twitter if they could relate to this and I got a few great answers:

Pax at Cavalcade of Awesome said what we were all thinking about this Disney Star Wars business:

This was just a delightful tweet by The Cinefamily and it’s making me miss Halloween even more:


  1. Great post man! That Texas Chainsaw 2 poster is priceless. I've always loved that one. Also, how did you get the twitter screenshots to fully link like that? That's pretty groovy.

    1. Alex - I never knew the extent of the madness of Chainsaw 2 until this past October. What a weird flick.

      I'll email you on how to embed tweets (I started to type it here but it got really long - although I'm probably over complicating it).

      Thanks for reading!