Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Video Monday! Band of Horses: "Is There a Ghost"

Happy October, folks! On this fine Monday I'm bringing you a ghostly music video by Band of Horses. Okay, there are no actual ghosts in the video, only pillow thieves.


Despite it's lack of paranormal activity, "Is There a Ghost" is top notch. I much prefer this sound to the stripped-down, folksy tunes on BoH's new album "Mirage Rock". Speaking of, check out Pat's review here.

I hope you enjoy your Monday, your week, and, by all means, your October and Halloween. I think it's gonna be a good one. Off to find my pillow.


Since my music video doesn't include any actual ghosts, here are some I found on YouTube. Don't blame me for any nightmares.


  1. Ghost in the corner and Mabel are creepy and the song kills. I love when it all comes to a head around 1:05. It's almost impossible for me not to play air drums.

    1. Pat - It is a fiercely catchy tune. Wish there was something of the like on the new album.