Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday!: Preparation H Goes Ahead As Planned

In recognition of the newest installment to the James Bond franchise, Skyfall out November 9th, today's Favorite Scene comes from the greatest spy, well at least the sexiest, well at least the best dressed, screw it I give up. There have been at least six credited 007's, but there is only one Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery himself. The spy that always catches his man and frequently beds the woman.

Recently Nick and I were talking about the James Bond series and how we really couldn't get into it. When I had Netflix, I once made an attempt to watch all of the Bond films in order, but I think I only made it through the fifth film, "You Only Live Twice". Go ahead, pull my man card. I just couldn't do it. Maybe someday I'll give it another try, but in the meantime I give you the crushed velvet covered Austin Powers.

The scene comes from, Austin Powers in Goldmember, the 2002 release and third installment in the Powers' trilogy. Loosely based on the 007 movie Goldfinger as well as other Bond films, Austin battles his familiar foes Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, Fat Bastard and an even eviler Scott Evil. However, the real villain is the ruthless, pancake eating, roller skating, gold "membered" Johan van der Smut, a.k.a., Goldmember. The evil Goldmember has plans to flood the world, but as he always does Austin is able to save the day. Hope you enjoy the scene and have a Great Friday Bay Bee!. Sorry I had to do it.


  1. Speaking as a pretty big fan of 007, you've got to give the series another chance, at least the more modern films. Try Goldeneye and Casino Royale (if you've seen those well hell, you're a lost cause :)). Daniel Craig's second outing as Bond, Quantum of Solace, is considered by many (even Craig) to not be very good, but I like it just fine. I'm pretty excited for SkyFall.

    I can see where the Connery films might be a little dated, but they have a certain charm. That being said, I should really go back and watch all of those.

    I actually quite like Roger Moore as Bond. I don't think I've seen either of Timothy Dalton's films all the way through and I haven't seen Lazenby's film.

    I believe it's Dalton that pops a wheelie in a semi truck, and that's A-Okay in my book. (Note: I don't think the semi was hauling anything. So, ya know, realism.

    Oh yeah, the scene! Pretty funny. The second and third films didn't come anywhere near the original, but they have their charms.

    Nick and Pat, we'll have to get some steaks and beers and watch a few Bonds one weekend. Maybe Pat can get his Man Card back...

  2. Heh heh heh - so quotable, that's what I love about the Austin Powers films. :D