Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday: Mind If I Do a Lowercase J?

Last week’s FSF gave you a glimpse into the comedic phenomenalness (is that a word yet?) of Mr. Mike Myers.  No, I’m not referring to the greatest serial killer in cinema history, I’m talking about the guy that has given us so many memorable characters that it’s just so damn tedious to try to dislike him.   Hell, I even think the poorly received The Love Guru is quite hilarious . . . and yes, I do want a Morgan Freeman voiceover machine, thank you for asking.  Without expressing out loud to the rest of the Hatch, I thought I’d follow in Pat’s footsteps and give you another hilarious scene from the resume’ of Myers.  This one comes from Wayne’s World 2 and is two and a half minutes of pure funny.  I love everything about this scene:  Garth’s t-shirt and his attention to “applications,” Kim Basinger’s awkwardness, Kevin Pollack’s assholeness, and of course all the eye-poking.

It’s difficult to pretend to not notice someone’s abnormality (please be aware I hold absolutely no vendetta against abnormalities – I just mean to point out that they are noticeable and it is funny to be the one purposefully not noticing), but we do it all the time in the way of being polite.  Wayne and Garth try their best to be as polite as possible, but fail in all respects.  When I first saw this movie, I lost it when “. . . lowercase j’s” rolled out of Myer’s mouth.  The timing, the awkwardness, the bluntness of the previous pokes all boils up to this apex and it’s delivered perfectly.  I love it and I hope you do too.  Who knows; maybe the rest of the Hatch will follow Pat and me and grant you with two more hilarious Myers scenes from his other works . . . maybe even an old SNL skit, who knows???  All I know is I’m glad it’s Friday as I’m sure you are too.  Have a great weekend, guys and gals and watch Wayne’s World 2 again.  It totally holds up!

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  1. Love Guru, eh? Never saw it. Myers and Carvey are awesome as usual but I think Pollack makes this scene.

    I'll go for the Turkey next week. The question is, will T go for the four-bagger (yes that's bowling terminology and yes I had to look up what comes after a Turkey)?

    Party on!