Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Scene Friday! Girls Just Want To Have Fun

We're getting a pretty intense case of nostalgia on this Favorite Scene Friday, and it sure is fun!  Fun as's just what girls want to, like, have.  It's Girls Just Want To Have Fun, people!!!  And no, I'm not talking about the song.  Even better, it's the movie.

While I couldn't find any sort of quality scene from the film online (damn you YouTube), I feel like the trailer offers up a pretty good idea of just how awesome this movie is.  The story goes like this: when Janey moves to the big bad city of Chicago, her father becomes more determined than ever to keep her under lock and key. But it's her desire to dance - more specifically, to dance on DTV (like MTV but a million times cooler and all about dancing) - that has her risking everything.  Will DTV be her destiny...or her downfall?  The cast includes a young (and actually cute) Sarah Jessica Parker, an equally young (but somehow she still looks 30) Helen Hunt, a very nerdy Jonathan Silverman, and a prepubescent (and pre-psychotic) Shannon Doherty.  It's got a goody two shoes catholic school girl daughter, a strict army general father, a dreamy boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks, a mean rich girl (that vicious bitch Natalie Sands), some very strict nuns, and LOADS of dancing.  It's like the perfect recipe for one of the best 80s movies you've never seen!

To tell you how much I love this film, I'll have to take you for a stroll down memory lane.  On my eighth birthday, my parents bestowed upon me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received:  a beautiful, shining VHS copy of this movie masterpiece. Every day for the rest of the summer, my cousins and I watched it.  We were totally obsessed. We talked like the girls in the movie, we dressed like them, and we most certainly danced like them.  Unfortunately, like everything else, that summer came to an end, but my love for GJWTHF has not once, in my 22 years since that birthday, ever waned. EVER. 

Happy Friday, folks! 


  1. Muhammad,

    I agree, it was a great post, but I will not be purchasing shoes at your establishment because there were too many typos in your comment kind sir.

  2. You are awesome! I'm giving you the Liebster Blog Award -

  3. I feel pretty, witty and wise after watching that trailer.

    If DTV were real and around today, do you think it would just be non-stop reality shows that have nothing to do with dancing? Why were there so many movies in the 80s with strict army fathers?

    Final question - do you still have that VHS copy???

  4. I have to say this is one of those guilty pleasures that I'm rather drawn to. "TUNE IN TOKYO!" If you really know the film than you get that reference! I unfortunately know this flick a little too well, but dammit I love it!

  5. I think any male that has had the pleasure of watching GJWHF remembers that line. I can remember trying that move with little success.

  6. @Markus - I certainly know that part well. To this day I can't figure out why that never works for men! It seems like a sure bet! ;-)

    I'm so happy to hear there is another GJWTHF fan out there. It's definitely one of the greats. Thanks so much for commenting!