Friday, June 22, 2012

Playin’ Hookie with Wes Anderson

On Thursday, June 28th, Sun-Ray Cinema here in Jacksonville is showing Wes Anderson’s complete body of work, leading up to their midnight premiere of the director’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom. To celebrate this feat of cinematic consecration, we’re donating all six of Anderson’s full-length films plus a Sun-Ray gift card. The theater will be giving the prize to one of the Fandersons that stays throughout all of the films (impressive).

We’re extremely excited to see Moonrise Kingdom and I’ll definitely be catching the midnight screening. We posted the trailer way back in January and waited. And waited. Then the film came out in limited release. Other critics and bloggers saw the film and it started to get some major buzz. So you can imagine our disappointment when there was no word about the movie playing here in Jacksonville. But Sun-Ray heard our cries.

Do you like Anderson’s work? Are you attending the event? Are you not me or anyone else that writes for this blog? If so, you could win!

Check out Sun-Ray’s Facebook page for more info.

And yes, I made up the term Fanderson. You can use it.

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