Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Video Monday! All Bow to the Empress of the North

No, I’m not referring to the much loved HBO series Game of Thrones, based on the George R. R. Martin novels, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Martin himself also finds a sense of solace with The Moondoggies.  Having recently picked up the album Tidelands, I can and will admit that I am now a fan.  This song, as fellow Hatcher Tiffany can attest, is hauntingly beautiful.  From the very first and last lyrics:  “I don’t expect you/to understand/what exactly/is inside a man . . .,” I was hooked.  I wish this were a legitimate excuse to give to my fiancée the next time I find myself in trouble, but I know that would be wrong.  I can’t help but to think of how I would feel if she were to feed me what I’ve fed.  It just wouldn’t be fair. 
And speaking of 'fair' here's a Fair Warning:  not the video, the song, nor the lyrics are the most uplifting in the world, but all, both separately and combined, are quite moving in their own ways.  After watching/listening for the third time in a row my appreciation for these guys has tripled.  The animation is old school and I like that about it (kinda reminds me of Wes Anderson) and you might be asking yourself why, but what better way to convey a man’s lonely heart that still yearns for the love it recently lost?  Actually, I'm full of shit, I've listened to a live performance and the song really is just about a boat.  Anywho, it’s a perfect use of the tool and I was taken upon my first viewing.  I like to think the video uses the ship as a metaphor for a love while his love’s destruction is vividly portrayed by the invading waves.  It’s so tragic yet so calming for some reason.  While the instrumentation is really nothing special, it is the lilting beat necessary for carrying the singer’s (Kevin Murphy, I believe) voice.  And it sounds great. 
Admittedly the majority of this post was written before hearing this song performed live and I was way off base with my initial take, but from that initial take came the following:  It takes a lot for a man to give his heart to whom he loves, full well knowing of the dangers that can surmount if not tiptoed along the wire that is the precious, delicate balance that binds the heart of all true love.  One fight, one storm, one tidal wave, and it could all be awash.  Food for the soul, kiddies.  Have a Happy Week.  And if you like these guys as much as I now do, click here.


  1. Love the animation. Reminds me of the video for JCB song by Nizlopi. LOVE that video!

  2. "Ever soon the light of the moon will stop you in your tracks. Yeah, I hope the light of the moon stops you in your tracks.

    Heart-achingly beautiful song...impossibly beautiful write-up. I LOVE this song and this band. I hope we find a way to see them live soon.

  3. That animation is imaginative, and the song is pretty good too, never heard of the band before(and I call myself a music blogger...)Thanks for sharing ( :