Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Video Monday! Portlandia: "Dream of the 90's"

Do you remember when people were content to be unambitious?

It’s been said that cheaters never prosper, but I’m cheating a bit with today’s MVM anyway. It’s not so much a music video as it is a skit from the awesome first season of IFC’s Portlandia. Isn’t that a win and thereby prosperous in and of itself? Do the math.

If memory serves, this was the very first Portlandia sketch and laid the framework for the show perfectly. SNL vet Fred Armisen’s character Jason has just returned from Portland, Oregon and can’t wait to tell Carrie Brownstein’s character Noni (?) about it. (Sidebar – Brownstein is lead guitarist for the band Wild Flag. Here’s an actual music video of theirs so this post won’t be a complete letdown for all you MVM purists out there.) Jason launches into a description of the too-good-to-be-true Portland and we get to see hot chicks in glasses, flannel, double-decker bicycles and more. My favorite bit has got to be the part about clowns at around 1:36. That’s right – in Portland, you don’t have to give up clowning. 

It’s actually a really catchy tune. Check it out and enjoy the rest of your Monday! And yes there’s another sketch from the show down below as well. Couldn’t help myself.


  1. I have never heard about Portlania before, but you make it interesting!

    1. Funny show. It's real subtle sketch humor. Great opening credits song by Washed Out called "Feel It All Around"

    2. Thanks, Chris! It's very quirky. I've heard it peaked in its first season but I haven't seen any of the 2nd season so I don't know. First season is great though. It's on Netflix Instant but I think you're outside of the states...?

  2. Good call on Washed Out "Feel It All Around", I'm digging that track, thanks. I also love that "Did you read" sketch on youtube, hilarious stuff!

    I prefer to remain anonymous about my whereabouts, "I am everywhere and I am nowhere", didn't Agent Smith say that ( :

  3. Not sure about Agent Smith, but I do know Dr. Dog has a song called Over Here, Over There. It's basically the same idea, I'm everywhere.