Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Video Monday: Tear Down The Wall!

In honor of my forthcoming venture to see Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, perform his masterpiece, The Wall, in Orlando, FL this June, I’ve decided to give this dastardly Monday a bitter farewell.  It’s nearly midnight here on the East Coast and it’s been the kind of day that warrants a song like this . . . so here’s to you.  The video comes from the 1982 movie that was released based on the iconic Pink Floyd album, The Wall.  If you’ve not seen the film, I recommend doing so, it’s amazing.  Not so much a “talkie” by most standards, the dialogue relies 90% on the music of the Floyd and the lyrics of Waters, but seeing the live action intertwine with the animation fueled by the incredible songs makes watching it a memorable, if not altering, experience. 
The song I’ve chosen is “Goodbye Blue Sky” and I chose it in particular, not only because it was shitty excuse for an end to an otherwise decent Monday, but because I wanted to highlight the animation.  This video, thanks heavy-handedly to the animation, exemplifies the vision Waters had over 30 years ago.  A vision of lost hope.  I realize it's not the most uplifting song, but every now and then I need a song like this, as I suspect some of you may too.  Goodbye Blue Monday.