Saturday, March 3, 2012

Favorite (Bill Murray) Scene Friday! Where The Buffalo Roam

Last month we ran a poll to determine what Favorite Scene Fridays we should do and Bill Murray Scenes won (HooRay!).  So I decided to kick March off with a bang with a scene from my second favorite Bill Murray movie.  More than just a scene, what you’re about view is approximately 10 minutes of a rarely scene Bill Murray.  The movie Where The Buffalo Roam is Bill Murray’s take on the late, great Hunter S. Thompson.  While not doing as good a job as Johnny Depp did in 1998 with Terry Gilliam’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Bill still does a hilariously kick-ass job and makes me smile to know that he was friends with one of the truest American Pioneers to have ever lived. 
I never knew this movie existed until I did an Amazon search of everything Hunter S. Thompson and, naturally, when I saw this DVD it was a no-brainer, it arrived a couple weeks later and I was anything but let down.  The setting is  in Miami, FL, home of Super Bowl VI, Dallas vs. Miami, with Dr. Thompson on assignment to cover the big game.  What ensues is not what some might call “journalism,” but then again, those someones don’t know jack shit from pure gonzo in its finest.  If I were to say anything else, it would be too much.  I hope you enjoy the scene and I hope you keep checking back for more Bill Murray favorites.  Enjoy!

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  1. Never seen this but that 10 minutes was pretty funny. Murray seems at ease as Thompson, but he's definitely got a different interpretation from Depp. Good stuff. Love the line about the pollution up in the top seats.