Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite (Bill Murray) Scene Friday: Rushmore


Our Favorite (Bill Murray) Scene Friday month ends today, but don’t fret boys and girls, you’re bound to see more of him here in the Escape Hatch.  We just love him that much.  Last week Tiffany chose a stellar scene from one of my favorite movies ever (some of you may recall another scene from that same movie) and so I thought it would be fitting to end this awesome FSF month in the same vein.  Today’s scene comes from the movie that really put Wes Anderson on the map, Rushmore.  Murray, as always, is fabulous as Herman Blume, the depressed businessman who oddly enough holds quite an affection for young Max Fischer (the equally awesome, Jason Schwartzman).  The movie stands alone like all of Anderson’s films and is a fantastic taste of what the man must see, and feel, on a day-to-day basis.  And his soundtracks always kick-ass.  Admittedly, I like this scene in particular so much because I’m a huge Kinks fan and you can hear one of their lesser known tracks in the background.  Needless to say, it fits perfectly with the scene.

It’s blatantly obvious Blume is having a lousy time at the soiree in his backyard (you don’t just toss golf balls at children for no reason, that’s bad form) and honestly I’ve had such a week that I can easily say I know how he feels.  I’m thrilled that the week is over and grateful that I got to choose the first and last scenes on this Bill Murray themed FSF month.  I truly hoped you enjoyed all of them and I know I can speak for all of us here in the Hatch that we had a blast posting them.  Kudos! to my fellow Hatchers and Cheers! to all of you.  I’m gonna go find a pool . . .


  1. Great scene! I love the portrait and I love the Budweiser bathing suit. I love the whole movie but I guess that goes without saying.

  2. Nick, I love, love, LOVE this. One of my favorites from Rushmore. It's so sad, but touching. And I can't think of anyone but Bill Murray who could act out this scene and make it what it is. Thanks for making my day!