Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now Hear This!: Delta Spirit, Arctic Monkeys & Some New Releases

Although I’m a couple days late with this, I still want to pass along some sweet news about the San Diego quintet Delta Spirit. In March, they’ll be hitting the road in support of their March 13th self-titled release. As you may know, I recently saw them perform in December as the opening act for My Morning Jacket. It was pure Delta Spirit, energetic, emotional and exciting. They put on a great show, mixing the old with a slight taste of the new. However because they were only able to play seven songs, I was left wanting more. Thankfully the music gods have granted my wish. They’ll be rolling into Atlanta on April 7th at a club called The Masquerade. I look forward to hearing a full set and after a few listens, the opening act WATERS has peaked my interest as well. Here’s a link to their tour schedule and if you still don’t trust my musical taste check out Grandpa, he can’t be wrong.

On Monday, AM released the video for the fifth single (fourth official), "Black Treacle", from their 2011 album Suck It and See. It's the third installment of what seems like a story about a shady character played by AM drummer Matt Helders and his girlfriend/wife. "Black Treacle" follows the videos from the title track “Suck It and See” and the b-side song “Evil Twin”. I’ve included the trilogy below and make note, “Black Treacle” is set to be released in two weeks, January 24th, with the track “You And I” by Richard Hawley and The Death Ramps (a.k.a. Arctic Monkeys).

New Releases
Lana Del Ray
- Lana Del Ray EP
I hear and see her appeal, but I still don’t totally get her. From what I’ve read, she keeps getting a lot of shit for being a fabricated, silver spoon brat, but you know what, I say fuck it! Don’t hold it against her because she had an in. You know you’d do the same if you got the chance. I know I would. Thanks daddy, as I cash my first six-figure check. Any who, iTunes currently has her single “Born to Die” for free. Check it out here:

Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires
Man these guys came out strong with the hits “Chasing Cars”, “Run”, “Signal Fire” & “Chocolate”. “You Could Be Happy” still fucks my shit up every time I hear it. I guess being called the poor man’s Coldplay eventually had an effect. There isn’t really a song that jumps out, but I hope this effort will get them back in the game. Here are my suggestions: lead track “Called Out in the Dark”, “In the End”,” The Garden Rules” and “New York”

The Maccabees - Given To The Wild - Ireland iTunes
Evidently this album is already being called the album of 2012. I think you'd agree with me when I say it’s a wee bit premature since it’s only the second week of the new year. I wasn’t all that impressed with their debut or follow up, but I should at least take a listen to the album of the year right? Hell I just heard Adele’s “Someone Like You” for the first time last week and now I know why she got so much love in 2011. Here are my suggestions: “Child” and “Heave”.


  1. did you hear the 17 min acoustic performance live on KEXP of suck it and see? its on youtube, Love Is A Laserquest for me was the highlight.

  2. Thanks for the read Chris. If you're referring to the Alex Turner only performance, then yes I've seen it. If not, I'll make sure to check it out. I'll be honest Love is a Laserquest was my least favorite song the first couple times through, but after countless spins on the record and repeat on both the iPod and computer, I like the tune as much as the rest of the album. I guess my first reaction was to try to keep The Last Shadow Puppets and the Arctic Monkeys apart. Although Turner is in both, they have very different vibes. However with Suck It and See, those vibes have seemed to mix. On a side note, I really thought this time around the Arctic Monkeys would blow up in the states, but I guess the American ears that listen to the likes of Nickelback, Hinder and Saving Abel can't recognize quality music when they hear it. It's probably a good thing though because as soon as those ears and the soccer moms start listening, the end is near. Anyways thanks again for the read and by the way no offense meant if you listen to any of those bands or if you are married, dating or just "seeing" a soccer mom.