Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Music Video Monday: A Little Bit of Romance to Start off 2012, Why Not?

I’ve been thinking a lot about “love” lately.  What is it really?  Is it necessary?  Isn’t it funny when …?  You know, shit like that.  So for today’s Music Video Monday (it’s really Tuesday, just kidding, it’s Tuesday night) I’ve decided to spice up your life with one of the first songs ever written by The Doors.  “Indian Summer” is one of the greatest love songs ever written.  What makes it stand above most others is its simplicity.  The lyrics are so matter-of-factly intense that it’s hard to choose another lyric that displays what you’re really feeling without being too cheesy. 
Take for example the Flight of the Conchords; remember those dudes?  I do and they still make me laugh.  In episode 4 of Season 1, Bret writes a song for a girl that he likes and asks Jemaine to listen and give notes.  What results is a hilarious “Would you really do that?interrogation.  It’s still one of my favorite scenes from the entire series and the song, when performed for the girl, is one of my favorites.  Check it out:   

My point is simply this:  a lot of love songs reveal tasks and feats anything but unattainable for you, me, the fucking singer, or anyone else.  Sure they can be metaphors, but come on, let’s leave the cheese at home, huh.  I don’t need to hear how you think your love is as strong as Superman because it's not and you’re not, asshole.  Just tell the boy/girl that you love him/her, add some guitar, maybe some bass, a lil drum or a ukulele, just don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.  Jim Morrison and co. aren’t and weren't anyone or thing other than who they are and were and that’s one of the many reasons why I dig them.  When I first heard this song, I got goosebumps.  The haunting atmosphere mixed with the yearning of love comes off like a short, dreamy whisper revealing, to whosoever may be listening, what the world is really all about:  lonely fleeting moments.  Cure that and you’ll be happy to sing the blues.  Enjoy:    

And because we here at the Hatch have been fucking up with our MVMs and FSFs as of late (it’s mostly me, I admit) I’ve decided to treat you to yet another lovely song.  Happy New Year!


  1. Riders on the storm is my favourite Doors song. Indian summer I had forgotten, for me, it sounds kind of like the later track This is the End

    The guy from Flight of the Conchords is also in a pretty good little indie movie called Eagle vs. Shark

  2. @Chris,

    I read once that "Indian Summer" eventually became "The End" - or at least "Summer" in it's brief entirety was the closing portion of "End," but then Morrison was tripping heavy on some acid and randomly came up with the "MOTHER ..." part during a live show. It/he had such an impact with the crowd that they dropped the "Summer" portion and stuck with the poetry.

    Thanks for the comment, I'll have to check out that movie. "Gentleman Broncos" also has one of the Conchords - hilarious, underrated movie.